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We continue to be a well-funded independent Sheet Plant continually re-investing in plant, machinery and people.  Based in scenic Ruyton XI Towns (located between Oswestry and Shrewsbury in Shropshire), we're ideally placed to service a wide geographical area with our own fleet of delivery vehicles.  Whilst we work with customers the length and breadth of the country, we specifically focus on serving North Wales, Mid-Wales, the Midlands and North West areas.

A Brief History Of Dairi-Pak...


  • In 1989 Dairi-Pak is established by Brian Gray (late).

  • By 1993 a new 3000 sq. feet warehouse is built.

  • A further 6000sq ft. JIT warehouse in was opened in 1995.


  • In 1997 we built our new offices.

  • We also doubled our onsite warehouse to 6000 sq. in 1997

  • In 1999 we built Unit 2 – expanding our manufacturing capability


  • In 2000 we also built Unit 3 – further expanding the type of products we could produce.

  • 2000 saw us double our JIT warehouse to 15000sq ft.

  • 2002/3 saw us build a much needed Loading Bay & New sales Offices.

  • In 2005 we commissioned an Automatic gluing systems added to case makers.


  • We invested in a 2 Color Bendazzoli Casemaker in 2008.

  • In 2009 we also invested in high speed Maramatsu flatbed die cutter.

  • TCY Auto Case maker commissioned 2012

  • Tape Applicator installed 2013.


  • 2014 Invested in our own vehicles to offer a ‘in-house’ delivery service.

  • 2014 Invested in CorrBoard UK to manufacture our own Sheet Board

  • The split shift system was created to fulfill increasing capacities.

  • 2015 New Ink kitchen and colour matching spectrophotometer

  • 2016 saw installation of a 4 colour Martin 1224 casemaker

  • 2017 installation of DYSS CAD/CAM sample table

  • 2019 saw Dairi-Pak's largest ever scheme of investment:

        Installed new 2 colour TCY 3m Casemaker with Rotary DC

        Reoriented machines better flow through the factory in line with our lean manufacturing principals

        Installed new OMS Auto Pallet Press/Strapper

        Installed new Avanti automatic Material Handling Conveyors

        Replaced whole fleet of delivery vehicles  


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