Environmental Responsibility

We take our responsibilities to the Environment very seriously.

We operate from a rural location in Shropshire and we have 100 acres of farmland surrounding our factory.

Our raw material comes from sustainable forestry and we have verified Chain of Custody using FSC® certification.

Our sheet board comes from the newest most environmentally friendly and efficient corrugator in the UK.

Our sheet board supplier CorrBoard UK is part owned by Dairi-Pak and generates its own energy using an anaerobic digester plant (turning food waste into gas and electricity).

Our sheet board is delivered to our factory without the use of pallets - Reducing cost and CO2 emissions by getting a 6-8% better utilisation of transport.

All production waste (trim) is extracted from the factory, compacted and sent for recycling back into paper for corrugated board.

All our inks are mixed on site ensuring we make exactly the quantity we require – minimising waste.

Our wash-down water is evaporated (in a vacuum at 40 degrees) to extract the water – ensuring only pure distilled water goes into the drains.

The ink solids that remain are then sent for recycling.

Our transport fleet consists of modern, efficient low emission, lightweight lorries ideal for local deliveries.

Everything we do at Dairi-Pak has ‘minimising waste’ as the mantra. In 2010 we embarked on our Lean Manufacturing programme and we remain firmly committed to this best practice initiative.

We plant trees on a regular basis to help offset our minimal carbon footprint and screen our activities from our neighbours.

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