There is a universal code or language which can be applied to most styles and designs of cardboard boxes. It's called a FEFCO code.

Here we illustrate the most common styles and some of their applications.

Worth noting when you describe the type of cardboard packaging you require, dimensions are always quoted length x width (or breadth) x height and are the internal dimensions of the case or tray (i.e the usable space).  Have look at our article on How to Measure a Cardboard Box for more information on how to size a pack.


0201 style box
0201 boxes (or RSC's - Regular Slotted Cases) are the most common style of box. They are economical and ideal as transit shippers.
Ideal For
Transit Shipper
0200 style box
0200 boxes have no top flap or lid. They are an economical option as a tray as there is no die cutting is required. Also a good option as a cap or a lid.
Ideal For
Trays and Caps
0202 cases are ideal if you want to offer protection to your goods against knife damage during opening. The flaps overlap each top and bottom. You can specify by how much, we normally recommend 50mm. Best suited to single wall cases to maintain stability when palletised.
Ideal For
Protecting your products against knife damage
0203 style cases have fully over lapping flaps. If you have a very heavy product this adds extra security on the base. It also helps reduce thermal loss if you are using the case as part of your cold chain shipping solution.
Ideal For
Heavy products and cold chain shipping
Die cut 0204 cases are perfect if your product is soft and prone to indentations (for example, cereal bars or cheese). The extended short flaps meet each other and therefore reduce the internal 'step' you would find in a standard 0201 box. This creates a flat base which is more suitable for delicate products.
Ideal For
Products prone to indentation
If you have a product which requires dividers for protection (e.g jars or bottles), then an 0207 style case could suit you. The base is adapted to tuck in and form integral dividers. It's a convenient option if the case will always need dividers. If there may be some occasions where you'd like to use the case for other applications, then dividers can be manufactured separately to suit a standard 0201 box.
Ideal For
Jars & bottles
An 0212 box has a standard taped bottom and a tuck in top. This is an economical style if you want tuck in top to improve the customer unboxing experience whilst providing a sturdy base which utilises minimal material.
Ideal For
Direct to end consumer box
The tuck in base and top of an 0215 style removes the need for tape. This makes it ideal where smart presentation is required. Die cut windows and cut outs can be added for retail display purposes.
Ideal For
No tape, retail gift display
With the addition of a tear off perf, the tuck in base of an 0216 style makes it perfect for shelf ready (SRP) or retail ready (RRP) packs. SRP's and RRP's often require shallow lips to the front face in order to maximise the amount of the product which can be seen. If you were to use a standard taped base, you would find your packers tape the tear off top to the base, making it inefficient for retailers to display.
Ideal For
0217 die cut boxes are ideal when you need your product to be portable. Cut outs and windows can be added to display your product. We can often design integral dividers into the pack for additional protection and security. We also manufacture this style as high end, personalised takeaway carriers where restaurants offer take away services or meal kits.
Ideal For
Gift carrirers
This style of tray requires self assembly by either gluing or stapling at your site. It lends itself well to being used an economical pallet tray and cap.
Ideal For
Pallet cap & tray
An 0401 wrap is perfect for shallow objects, large or small
Ideal For
Shallow products
Long, slim items can be tricky to load into a box due to their length. The 0409 5 panel wrap makes for easy packaging as you lay your product on the wrap and in essence, make the box up around the product.
Ideal For
Long, slim items
Where as an 0409 wrap tapes down a narrow, side panel, the 0410 tapes down the centre of the large main panel
Ideal For
Large, bulky items
A hand erect, die cut tray. Ideal for jars, bottles, pouches and inner boxes. Depending on the supply chain, the tray and goods could be shrink-wrapped, have a cardboard U card cover, or increasingly, have no additional packaging. With the tuck over on the short face, the 0422 is more economical than an 0423 style.
Ideal For
A hand erect die cut tray similar to an 0422 style. The tuck overs on the style run down the long sides of the tray. This provides extra strength when used for heavy products (eg 12 jars or bottles). Can be shrink-wrapped of have a cardboard hood when packed, or palletised without additional packaging if your supply chain allows.
Ideal For
A one piece die cut case with a range of uses from Ecommerce, to garment box to food stuffs (n.b. not direct food contact). Arrives flat pack for ease of storage.
Ideal For
The 0427 style forms the basis for a number of the Ecommerce designs we offer. At Dairi-Pak, we'll consider what your product is and your individual supply chain in order to tailor this style to your own needs to ensure your product arrives with your end consumer perfect every time. Whilst we can print two sides to add to your customer journey, we can also adapt this design to add an additional layer of experience for your customer. We can add an extra internal panel to display your messaging whilst keeping costs down and printing only on 1 side.
Ideal For
0502 glued sleeves can be used either as a dust cover for luxury gift boxes to protect finished during bulk packing or alternatively, they can lend a luxury finish to a plain box. This can provide versatility allowing you to change your design with the seasons or special offers. They can also be used with various inner tray styles for a 'sleeve and slide' style pack.
Ideal For
Teaming with presentation packs
A simple square or rectangle of corrugated card. Ideal for adding to the top of a transit case to provide product protection as the case is cut open. Most commonly used as interleaving on pallets. Use as a base board for a hygienic separator between a wooden pallet and your product, or throughout the pallet to add stability.
Ideal For
Pallet layer pads
A creased card which can be used in conjunction with tray bases as a hood to form a shelf ready pack (SRP) or retail ready pack (RRP). This provides a quicker shelving solution for retailers, no need to rip a top off.
Ideal For
SRP & RRP hood

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