Add A Bit Of Colour

Add A Bit Of Colour


High quality print in one pass and razor sharp gluing of long narrow boxes – just a two of the features of the latest addition to our factory in rural Shropshire.

Dairi-Pak can now produce high quality 4 colour printed cases to close registration on our new ‘highly productive’ Martin 1224 inline casemaker.

The machine has been installed alongside the two existing case-making lines to further expand our capacity and product offering.

“The Martin give us the ability to print value-added, four-colour artwork in a single pass to very tight registration.  What’s more, it provides much needed additional capacity for medium sized cases… the Martin will give us the firepower necessary to meet our growth aspirations over the coming years, whilst guaranteeing our already short lead time” says Dairi-Pak Managing Director Tim Gray.

An added benefit is the Martin’s ability to precision glue long, narrow boxes. This eradicates common finishing problems on lesser machines, such as fish tailing, flute roll and out-of-square boxes. 

To ensure the new machine runs to its full potential, and in line with our commitment to lean manufacturing methods, a new materials handling system is also being installed together with an extension of our automatic waste extraction system.

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