Adding to a customer’s unboxing experience


What is unboxing?



an act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site.


Should I be interested in unboxing?

A study by Google uncovered the fact that 45% of millennial shoppers watch online videos to help with Christmas shopping – engaging with how-to’s and unboxing.

It’s a matter of brand awareness. There’s a YouTube video unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Fold with 22 million views; a Kyle Jenner lip gloss unboxing video with almost 2 million views and even a McDonalds Happy Meal unboxing video attracted 1.8 million views.

On a smaller scale, some local food and drink brands are gaining over 10,000 views on their unboxing videos. Making your product desirable is the best way to do that. Sharing samples with social media influencers won’t guarantee you more sales immediately, but is a great way to broaden the exposure of your brand.  A great unboxing experience is also likely to lead your customers to become brand ambassadors for you, with them sharing their personal unboxing experience with their friends and followers.


How do I design the best packaging for unboxing?

There are a number of elements to consider:

  • Print type - All print processes can be supplied – flexographic, lithographic, pre-print, high quality post print, screen print and digital print. We can help discuss the best option for your needs.  We’ll help you juggle the balance between ‘experience’ and cost to ensure you delivery the best experience both for your brand and your budget.
  • Design – This is one of the most important elements as this needs to engage your customers and make them want to open it. As your customers are buying online, you aren’t going to be there to explain about your product so make the design clear and inviting.  We can help you add layers and elements of surprise to the unboxing experience. 
  • Messaging – Using print wisely can make the experience more participative. Creating a story to engross your customer makes them want to continue, and even share, that experience. You should also use this opportunity to include information about your story and your sustainability and environmental standpoint so customers understand more about the ethos of your company. Printing messages inside the box creates an element of wonder and surprise, and is often unexpected.
  • Ease of opening – Remember to make the packaging easy to open. You don’t want your customer’s unboxing experience to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. We often suggest using die cut boxes to remove the need for tape so your product is presented at its best. 
  • Safe and secure packaging – Your products need to arrive in one piece and looking like they did when they left the manufacturing line. Use bespoke fitments to remove void spaces and avoid potential damages.
  • Don’t forget the testing phase either – once you have fully packaged product samples, try them out on potential and existing customers and listen to their feedback and make the necessary tweaks.  We always suggest sending your samples back to yourself to ensure they travel through the courier or postal system and arrive in tip top condition. 

If you need assistance designing packaging to create the best experience for your customers, do not hesitate to get in touch.  We’d love to learn more about your brand and how we might support you

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