Adding Value by Adding Print

Adding print to a cardboard box

Adding print to a cardboard box costs very little but can enhance your brand and the shopping and shipping experience for the customer.

If you care about your brand and ultimately the quality of your product, this should be extended to the look and feel of your outer packaging.  Whether your product is couriered or posted to the end user, or whether it goes through a more traditional retail supply chain, the cardboard box can still be an ambassador for your brand. Your distinctive corporate or brand logo, an image of your product , clever use of a slogan or inventive description of your product can all differentiate your product from that of your competitors.

1 colour flexo print on cardboard


The addition of print to this bottle carrier helps communicate the interesting story behind Monty’s Brewery. It adds value as the product is now more ‘giftable’ and works hard for the brewery recruiting followers onto their social media platforms.  The addition of the bar code enables the pack to be stocked where retailers specify the inclusion of a bar code (without the need for an additional labelling process at the brewery).

Making a box dual purpose with print


Here’s an example of how the addition of a one colour print turns part of the box into a template to assist the end user in fitting the unit contained inside. This makes installation of this unit easier than the competitors, adding an additional unique selling point to the product and in turn, driving sales.

Print can also make identification of you product easier within the distribution chain, making stock checking and reordering easier for the customer. This helps limit the likelihood of ‘stock out’ situations.

The little things can make a big difference, and while choosing to ship your products in custom printed cardboard boxes doesn’t necessarily cost a whole lot more, it can go a very long way towards creating a more engaging shopping and shipping experience for customers.

When a package arrives in a custom box, it shows a heightened level of care on the sellers behalf. This creates a more positive, all-encompassing experience that not only augments the packaging and branding efforts, but also helps the customer feel as if they are having a unique shopping experience from start to finish. Having such a positive experience makes customers much more likely to purchase from the same retailer repeatedly, and share the positive experience with their colleagues/friends.

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