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Lead Times For Cardboard Packaging

Last updated: 1st December 2021

The four 'C's (Christmas, Covid, Customs and China) continue to have an impact on the UK market for corrugated packaging.  We could now possibly add a 5th 'C' (Combustion) with the energy crisis impacting energy intensive industries such as papermaking.

Demand remained at an elevated level throughout 2021 and is ramping up further for Q4.  Lead times are now very much dependant on the material and machine routing used for individual products.  As a general guide, please allow 10-15 working days for standard products.

Long term, the CPI (Confederation of Paper Industries) predict the situation to improve as businesses find ways to cope with the impact of Brexit and that factors brought about by the pandemic ease:

A range of recent circumstances have come together resulting in an imbalance in supply and demand across the corrugated industry. These circumstances are changing and steps are in hand to address the imbalance with increased capacity. As the implications of Brexit settle and we come out of lockdown, we can expect the situation to level out.

Please bear in mind if you have a specialist product (e.g litho laminated print cartons, multipoint glued trays etc that lead times will be longer than those quoted here > 8-10 weeks).

We will of course always do our best to accommodate any unforeseen emergency requirements.  Keep in touch with our team about your up and coming cardboard packaging needs T: 01939260342

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