Dairi-Pak Are a AA Grade BRCGS Certified Packaging Manufacturer


At Dairi-Pak we’re passionate about safety, be that the safety of our team or our packaging product.  To ensure product safety and consistently high quality standards, we operate to the BRCGS Packaging Materials (Issue 6) standard.


What is BRCGS?

BRGCS is a globally recognised quality standard that helps a supplier demonstrate that they operate in a manner that provides quality assurance and legal and authentic supply.

It is a standard recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) that helps build confidence in the supply chain. BRCGS certification is specified by more global brand owners than any other scheme.

BRCGS was founded in 1996 by retailers who wanted to harmonise food safety standards across the supply chain and was originally known as BRC (The British Retail Consortium).

Dairi-Pak Ltd is a certificated site in Packaging Materials.

By having this standard it demonstrates to our customers that we have effective management systems that ensures that our products meet their requirements for

  • Product Quality (correct product that meets specification)
  • Product Safety (not contaminated)
  • Product Legality (meets legislative requirements in UK and EU)

Maintaining this certification affects every part of our business, every day:

  • Design and artwork control
  • Purchasing
  • Sales order processing
  • Manufacturing and Quality control
  • Packing and storage
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance and housekeeping

In order to achieve a BRCGS certification for packaging and packaging materials, Dairi-Pak’s premises, operation systems and procedures are assessed against the requirements of the standard through an annual audit completed by the certification body. At the end of the audit, we are assigned a Grade (Dairi-Pak are a AA Grade site with our last audit having been completed in May 2022).

The standard is updated regularly to reflect the latest updates in product safety. It provides a framework to assist packaging manufacturers in the production of safe packaging materials, managing product quality and maintaining legal compliance. BRCGS certification is typically a fundamental requirement for retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations worldwide. We also use this when assessing the capabilities of our suppliers and negotiating contracts.

Having this certificate benefits our customers:

  • It is a globally recognised certification
  • It gives supplier and customer confidence in our products
  • It is a positive marketing tool

Are BRCGS and ISO the same?

ISO is a generic quality standard which can be applicable to any organisation.  BRCGS goes beyond ISO in terms of industry specific, rigorous hygiene requirements. 

I am not a food manufacturer, is BRCGS relevant for me?

Absolutely!!  The BRC standard covers the quality management principles, process approach and continual improvement with added extras.  All customers benefit from the inevitable higher quality standard achieved when we operate with hygiene at the forefront of our processes in the manufacturer of cardboard packaging.

If you’d like to discuss high quality paper based packaging supplies with our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch T: 01939 260342 E: sales@dairi-pak.co.uk


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