Glue It, Stitch It Or Tape It!


Dairi-Pak pride ourselves on being versatile – there really isn’t anything in corrugated that we can’t supply. However, sometimes the ‘closure’ doesn’t get discussed…

We have a variety of ‘closures’ available… Let’s take a look…

PVA Glue: 


This is the most common ‘closure’ and is used on 90% of the Regular Slotted Cases (RSC’s) that we manufacture. However we can apply PVA glue in a variety of ways – On our fast case-makers we use a ‘Fast-Tack’ glue for increased drying speeds, but we can change the extrusion nozzle from 1 to 2 and even 3 lines of glue. We use 3 Lines of glue on large cases which have a larger extended glue lap. Whilst 1 and 2 lines are used on smaller cases to help maintain accuracy in application and reduce the risk of internal / external glue spotting (i.e. cases sticking together).In addition to this, we have installed a ‘glue alarm system’, which is triggered when the extrusion of glue has failed. In the unlikely event the alarm is triggered the cases on the machine are pulled out of the batch and sorted so you can rest assured no unglued cases will be dispatched.

We add a coloured dye to the PVA glue so that it is easy for the machine operators to clearly see the accuracy of the glue line being applied.

We are also able to provide specialist glues such as ‘Freezer Safe’ glue.

Not only do we use PVA glue ‘In-Line’ on the case-makers – we also apply PVA by hand and using a semi-automatic, small & large format gluers for more unusual boxes.

PVA glue is also used for our ‘multi-point glued’ products.

Hot-Melt Glue: 

Hot Glue

Gluing for larger format cases can sometimes requires something a little stronger. For this we use ‘Hot-Melt Glue’. This manual application is done by hand, heating the glue to approx. 180 degrees. The glue dries almost instantly ‘on contact’ ensuring a positive and secure bond. The ‘Hot-Melt’ glue comes ‘Freezer Safe’ as standard. This is a simple but effective application.

Using standard steel coil, we are able to stitch cases with the exact number of stitches requested. Using an accurate setting of variable speeds, the number of staples can be increased or decreased as desired. We do find that the standard setting does the job just fine.



Self-Sealing Tape: Self-Sealing Tape
The On-Line Retail revolution has created a large demand for packs that can be re-sealed and returned. Strong self-adhesive tape (known as Self-Seal or Finger Lift tape) applied accurately on the pack is the best solution. In the event that a customer wishes to return an item – they simply place the item back in the postal mailer and peel the line or lines of Self-Seal tape and close the pack ready for posting.Applying a single line of our ‘Finger Lift’ ‘Easy Peel’ tape can make sealing postal packs simple and efficient. The tape is sensor driven, and can even be run as dashes, broken into several lines rather than one solid, increasing the design possibilities to almost endless applications. Utilising expert design, and a second line of tape, your pack becomes an instant returnable package.

Let Dairi-Pak help you design effective postal packs by using a combination of clever design, accurate die cutting, tear strips and Self-Seal tape.

In short we are able to provide

  • Single and Multi-point PVA glued cases.
  • Hot Melt glued cases and fittings
  • Stitched Cases
  • Packs with ‘Finger-Lift’ tape applied.

Why not give us a call and see if there is anything we can do to improve an existing line, or indeed speak to us with any potential projects.

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