How to pack glass bottles for the post?


The Coronavirus crisis has forced a number of businesses to change their routes to market.  We have been helping the drinks trade do this with the supply of postal boxes for their bottles.

Despite being immensely strong under compression, glass is notoriously tricky to send through the postal and courier network as it can break if subjected to the wrong force in the wrong place.   Many courier services refuse to accept glass at all and some refuse to offer compensation.

It is therefore imperative that your bottles are packaged correctly to minimise any additional costs to you through breakages and of course to avoid any disappointment to your customers.  First and foremost, customers want a package that delivers their product securely and safely, with a strong desire to receive as little packaging as possible.  Too much packaging is consumers' third biggest frustration after cost and delays when it comes to online shopping (source – Parcelhub).

We offer various designs of dividers to keep your bottles safe (preventing them from colliding) but our favourite is as shown here.  This style is quicker to assemble than the standard divider design, which is an important consideration when it comes to efficiency in packaging and despatching your parcels.



This design creates a ‘buffer’ around all your bottles to help protect them from external impacts.  This does away with the need for extra packing within the cells (if your bottles are a snug fit).  Designed with standard 500ml bottle sizes in mind, this cardboard box and divider set should cover the majority of bottled beers.  We also have a 330ml set designed for lagers and health drinks.

Your customers will also appreciate the simplicity of the packaging.  Easy to open and unpack; the whole set is easily recyclable with their kerb side recycling, no separating out of materials required.  We are FSC® accredited which helps you deliver assurances to your customers that your packaging is sustainably sourced.  Find out more about the FSC® scheme here.

The outer boxes are manufactured from heavy duty cardboard.  The addition of convenient hand holes encourages proper handling which again, helps further reduce the possibility of damages.  We do recommend you use in conjunction with some good quality tape.  H taping heavy loads (sealing top and bottom flaps in a 'H' pattern) is always a good extra precaution. 



We can of course apply print if you’d like to brand your boxes and add to the customer experience.  The addition of print to your cardboard packaging can be a great opportunity to have your boxes fulfil more than one function; secure, transit packaging can also deliver a great gifting solution or enhance on shelf appearance too.

We have cardboard packaging solutions for all types of drink and spirits.  If you need assistance getting your products to the end consumer in an efficient, safe and attractive way, do not hesitate to get in touch.  We’d love to learn more about your brand and how we might support you



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