Increase sales by making your product 'Giftable'.

Plastic Carry Handle on a Box

Can your product be considered a gift?

Your product might not currently be considered a gift, but is that just down to the packaging?

Gifting is not just restricted to the obvious occasions and holidays (e.g. Valentines Day, Easter, Fathers Day etc.).  If you are able to make your product ‘giftable’ you open up a whole new, potentially, year round market.

Changing your packaging to make your product suitable to be given as a gift need not be complicated or expensive.  Simple tweaks to the print and/or style of your packaging can turn what once was utilitarian transit packaging into a really effective marketing tool for the gift market.

The example below for Welsh Craft Brewers, Monty's Brewery, demonstrates how you don’t have to use all singing all dancing print in full colour (although, of course we can assist with that if that fits with your branding!).  A one colour print with some thoughtful text conveying your brand message, in a format which allows easy giving, is very effective on shelf and is also very cost effective. 

Cardboard bottle carrier


This bottle pack works on two fronts, not only does it transform three bottles of already very well branded beer into a gift, but it makes it easy for the purchaser to carry.  Making your product easier to buy than your competitors is often a welcome side effect of amending your packaging to a ‘giftable’ format.

The addition of print and a carry handle to the cardboard box (pictured below) for Welsh furniture designers Baa Stool changed stockists attitude to the product.  They use the boxes as point of sale in store to make prominent displays where before the product was displayed in amongst other furniture.  Customers were more inclined to purchase because it was easy to carry the product while they finished their shopping, thus removing a previous barrier to purchase.  The brand is promoted as customers carry the product post purchase.  Most importantly, due to the price point, the new packaging also meant customers considered the product as a gift.  In addition to all these benefits, the new corrugated packaging style meant product is easier to handle for the distributors and therefore, more likely to be stocked.

Corrugated cardboard gift packaging

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While selling our footstools at consumer shows people didn't want to carry a stool around and I realised we needed an easy way for people to take them home.  

Dairi-Pak Ltd helped me to develop a strong, branded, carry home box which transformed sales and meant the product became very attractive to the online market. It's had a huge impact on sales...we're delighted." - Michelle Bartleet-Greavey, Owner, Baa Stool Ltd

Making your corrugated gift pack suitable for year round giving eliminates waste as your product can be gifted for any occasion. If however your product is particularly suitable for a one off occasion, we can still help! Digital print on corrugated packaging is a great option for low volume runs for specific occasions to ensure you have just the right amount of product for your promotion and no more to help you maximise your bottom line.

An important tip; when considering a pack for a one off occasion, don’t forget your brand identity and message. It should be about your brand first, the occasion second. Don’t let all that hard work you’ve put into developing your brand message get lost in hearts or Father Christmas’!

Another key consideration with gift packaging is simplicity. We’ve all cursed packaging at Christmas when trying to get into the gift you can’t wait to open, only to be thwarted by a pack which needs an entire tool kit in order to prise the contents out. The key is to create an experience which feels special, not to frustrate.

Our design team is at your disposable to assist you in creating a fabulous corrugated card gift pack which leaps out at customers and stirs them into buying your product.

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