Navigating through COVID-19


Last updated: 23rd March 2020

It's been another week of huge change for all of us, and our hearts go out to anybody who has already been directly affected by the outbreak.

As the impact of the crisis escalates, we're fully committed to continuing to provide you with the support and guidance you and your business needs.

To claim "it's business as usual here" would be to ignore the reality and severity of the situation.  We have added to the measures already in place by applying the social distancing rules (where possible) in the factory and offices.

To remove unnecessary contact for our dedicated team of delivery drivers, we will be moving to a system of emailing delivery notes to you.  As soon as this is in place, we will notify you.  

Our team are deemed key workers and as such have a responsibility to support our customers in delivering key goods and service at this challenging time. 

Supply of Raw Materials
Dairi-Pak has robust supply chains for incoming raw materials. We are able to switch between three suppliers of raw materials, which are all based in the UK. As a partner of CorrBoard UK, we shall be afforded priority treatment in the event of a restriction in capacity.


Regarding international travel, any member of staff returning from a personal trip to an area of high infection incidence is being required to self-isolate for a minimum of one week before returning to work.  Likewise, if a member of their household returns from an area of high infection.

Employees who do not need to attend site are being instructed to work from home. These members of staff will form a strategic reserve and can step in if other members of staff need to self-isolate.

Our existing health and hygiene policies and procedures, which include washing and sanitising of hands regularly (as required by our quality standards), cover the recent government advice and recommendations. Our factories are already equipped with hand sanitisers and we have  provided our lorry drivers with hand sanitisers and face masks. We have added to this with reminders of the NHS advice on how to reduce the risk of catching or spreading the virus, which have been posted throughout our site. 

All employees have been advised that, if they feel unwell, they should stay at home, contact the NHS and avoid any risk of infecting their colleagues. 


We have agreed a disaster recovery arrangement with our 7 CorrBoard Alliance partners; this network consists of multiple sites located across the UK and the arrangement will ensure that, in the event that any one site is temporarily unable to produce, capacity will be provided by the partners in order to guarantee continuity of supply.

We service a large proportion of manufacturers in the food sector.  As such, we have seen a huge spike in demand from some of our customers.  Please allow 7-10 working days delivery for standard items but be aware that some more specialist products are on longer lead times (e.g multi point glued, litho print).


Only essential visits are being permitted to our sites. We have introduced a revised health questionnaire for all visitors and contractors that covers this particular issue with the ultimate sanction of being refused access to site.

Order Cancellations 
We understand that some of our customers have, or will, lose their markets overnight.  Our raw materials can be made 1-4 days in advance of your delivery.  With this in mind, should anything change and you not require your order, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can in turn cancel the raw material for your order.  Unfortunately, a charge will need to be made to cover the raw material if we are unable to cancel it.

We will revise the above measures as the situation and guidance changes.


Last updated: 18th March 2020

At Dairi-Pak Ltd, we continue to monitor the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

We are continually monitoring the GOV.UK website for advice and guidance to ensure we minimise the effect on our business and team and therefore, you, our customers. 

Internally, we are following all Government guidance regarding team members health.  Our team have been issued guidance should they experience any symptoms. 

As a BRC certified site, regular and thorough hand washing is an integral part of our day to day conduct, but we have taken the precaution of re iterating the need to follow the guidance and distributed extra hand sanitiser throughout the site.  Sanitising products are being provided for ‘high traffic’ areas (e.g. door handles).

We have taken the precaution of only having necessary visitors come to our site.  Our sales team is also only making essential visits to customers and suppliers (ensuring they are taking guidance supplied from all sites they are visiting).

All our delivery vehicles are carrying hand sanitiser and all drivers have face masks (if your site deems these necessary).  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your current guidance regarding incoming deliveries and we will adhere to all measures you have in place. 

Please advise on any additional measures prior to our arrival this will ensure the delivery process remains efficient.

We are working closely with our suppliers on ensuring they have contingency planning and robust processes in place to cope with the challenge of the outbreak and, in turn, mitigate risk to our supply chain.   

We can confirm that we do not currently have any threat high risk countries currently listed within our supply chain, but we will continue to asses as the high-risk areas are updated.

We are finalising contingency planning around the government’s predicted ‘stretch’ scenario of up to 1/5th of a workforce being absent from work.  We do not foresee a reduction in our workforce of 20% (for a period of time) having an impact on our customers (this figure mirrors peak ‘holiday’ season, for which we already have systems in place).

During this testing period, keeping in regular communication is essential, so please keep us posted on any changes to your policy that may affect your incoming deliveries.  We will do the same as we continue to monitor the situation closely.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team if you need any further information on the measures we are taking

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