Omnichannel Cardboard Packaging


Have you adapted your packaging to an omnichannel approach?

Consumer shopping habits have changed.  Your product now needs to grab your customers’ attention across multiple online and offline platforms: this could be at a wholesalers, in a retail environment, in an ecommerce store or on a traditional producers’ market stall. 

Standing out on a 2.5cm square thumbnail on a busy ecommerce platform is a challenge!  It’s not one that has to cost the Earth to address though.

This bottle carrier for Magic Dragon Brewery is a great example of how 1 colour print can be maximised to create great impact and a strong brand image.  Less is more.  It’s a confident design,  not overly fussy and hasn’t felt obliged to fill all the space.  Space within a design can be powerful as it keeps focus on the important areas of your design.  ‘Less is more’ is a cliché for a reason!

Restricting the design scheme to 1 colour has not detracted from the value the design delivers but it has minimized the initial set up costs and kept unit prices low in comparison to, for example, a full colour print.

The brown kraft carrier was the customer’s previous gift carrier supplied by another manufacturer.  We took the opportunity at the point of rebrand to adapt the structural design too.  By adding a fitment to the same cutting tool as the carrier, we kept initial tooling costs low and adapted the carrier to suit ecommerce sales.  The fitment removed the need for the bottles to be wrapped separately before being placed in the gift carrier and it’s its outer box for courier transport. 

This has multiple benefits:

  • Reduced packaging costs – no additional bubble wrap and tape required
  • Reduced labour costs – packers no longer need to individually wrap each bottle, increasing the speed to pack each box
  • Improved unboxing experience – the product is now visible to the consumer as soon as they unbox and they don’t have any plastic material to dispose of
  • The packaging solution is now 100% curbside recyclable and made from sustainable material.

The microbrewery sector is a crowded one.  With this clever rebrand from Coya Marketing now being rolled out across all the breweries packaging formats, Magic Dragon’s packaging now reflects the quality and heritage of their brand.

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