Supporting New Products Launches with Deliveries from Stock

Folding Box Board Yogurt Sleeves

We're pleased to have been able to support The Collective, an innovative and growing dairy brand, in the launch of their new Kids Super Yoghurts.

The Collective have a fantastic design and marketing department.  The design they created is packed with interest, as well as key brand messages, and it was critical that their specific Pantone references were recreated exactly, with bold, dense colour for maximum shelf impact.  We hope you'll agree, their design delivers impact in spades, which is especially important in such a crowded sector.

Here you can see the on press sign off by one of The Collective's design team to ensure everything met their exact requirements.

On Press Colour Sign Off - Packaging

As a customer, ensuring your design vision is realised is only part of the launch process.  We appreciate that forecasting volumes on a new line, both for the initial stocking phase and beyond, can be tricky.  That's why we support key product launches, like The Collective's, with a just in time stock service.  By laying down into stock between 4-12 weeks’ worth of product, we can then supply on guaranteed short lead times in order to support unpredictable demand and retailer promotions.

If you’d like to talk to us about our just in time service for your cardboard packaging requirements, please do not hesitate to give us a call (01939 260342) or drop us an email (  We’d be pleased to see how we can reduce your lead times and minimise on-site stock holding for you.

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