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Printing inside a cardboard box

You often hear the phrase ‘think outside the box’, well for this project, we thought very much ‘inside the box’!

We originally helped new boutique gin company, The Gin Parlour, with traditional, but effective, screen printed corrugated inner boxes and a plain outer box for their launch. However, conscious of both the environment and the bottom line, we worked together on a solution that continued to deliver the strong branding that they had developed but reduced the amount of cardboard packaging required.

After looking at various options, we decided that a one colour flexographic print, but on the inside of the box, met the brief of reducing the packaging to a single case but also added to the overall branding and experience of receiving one of The Gin Parlour’s packages. The ‘experience’ of receiving a mail order parcel should not be over looked and is an important factor when designing packaging for the online retail market.

To further ensure we delivered consistently on The Gin Parlour’s strong branding, we used a spectrometer to colour match the print on the cases to the exact Pantone colour that the customer required. We do this on all our printed cases so that you can be confident your colours will be the same across different batches and products. We appreciate how much work you put into your brands so we make sure that we deliver on your brand requirements at every stage of the production process.

Matching Pantone colours
Using our Spectrometer to colour match to approved colour swatches

We also opted for an EB board to ensure a good print surface and therefore a good print result.

Printed tape identifies the outer on receipt by the customer as they will recognise The Gin Parlour’s trademark ‘berries’. It looks smart but does not give away the contents to those not in the know, which is important from a security point of view through transit. When the customer then opens the box, they are met with the striking wallpaper design of the ‘berries’ (as well as their selection of delicious gins of course!).

To ensure brand consistency, this design and principal is being rolled out across their range of packaging.

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