What is Woodwool Packaging?


As manufacturers of cardboard packaging and corrugated boxes, we’re obviously bias towards trying to find the optimum solution for your products in cardboard.  However, we are quite prepared to admit that sometimes cardboard alone isn’t the perfect answer, especially where there’s a very high degree of flexibility required.  We understand that you may have a large product range and every order you despatch might be different.  Therefore, a cardboard fitment might not be versatile enough for your needs.

We’ve got lots of different options should that be the case, and in this post, we’ll focus on Woodwool packaging.

What is Woodwool? (or Excelsior if you’re more familiar with the American term for it)

Woodwool is a sustainable cushioning and void fill material used for presentation and protection purposes in transit packs, gift packs and hampers. 

It compliments sustainable FSC® certified cardboard packaging well as both are from managed forestry.


Can you recycle Woodwool?

Woodwool can be re-used by your customer for anything from re-packaging to animal bedding to being used as an eco alternative to chemical firelighters.

Can you compost Woodwool?

Woodwool is a 100% natural and organic material which is suitable for home composting or disposal in a green waste bin.

How is Woodwool made?

The material we supply is made from Spruce timber, a by-product from thinning forests to keep them healthy.  

Timbers are stripped of their bark (which is then repurposed as a mulch…nothing goes to waste!).  The timbers are chopped down into standard sized ‘logs’, which are then shaved into slivers at high speed. 

How is Woodwool packed?

It is baled in 20 kg bales.  You can purchase just one bale.  How many bales you will need will depend on how much you are using for each of your packs.

We're sure you'll agree, Woodwool is an attractive void fill option that enhances presentation.  Consumers love the fact it is sustainable and completely bio-degradable. 

What ever your packing requirement, we’ll help you find the optimum solution for your business and your end customers.  Our team looks forward to speaking to you T: 01939 260342 sales@dairi-pak.co.uk

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