When should I start thinking about Christmas gift packaging?


2020 has been an unpredictable year and we’ve seen a quicker shift away from traditional retail than anyone could have predicted. This makes it even more important to think about your Christmas Packaging and how to use it to enhance your product and therefore, sales.

According to the Office for National Statistics, Internet sales were 20.1% as a percentage of total retail sales in January 2020. This rose to 32.8% in May 2020. It will certainly be interesting to see how this stabilises over the next year. Many people will now be used to the convenience of home deliveries and may not automatically switch back to traditional bricks and mortar stores.

Many producers have adapted quickly to being able to offer their products online. 

There are a number of factors that successful eCommerce brands consider:

-        Go big on impact – make your brand identity stand out.

-        Size is everything – right size your packaging for shipping.

-        Packaging as experience – make your packaging delight people.

-        Tell a story – use the packaging to communicate with your customers

How long is it till Christmas?

It is just 126 days till Christmas, which is too early to start getting the decorations out or ordering the turkey.  However, it is not too early to start planning your Christmas Gift Packaging!  COVID-19 and the subsequent switch for many retailers and producers to eCommerce has had a huge impact on packaging and now is the time to plan for your Christmas sales.

What present do I give my brother / mother / friend * for Christmas?

(*substitute name for the person you find most difficult to buy for!)

People love receiving something nice in the post. Think about what interests your brother / mother / friend * has, can you tailor a subscription box of your product around this?

A well packaged subscription box is an ideal Christmas gift and helps build brand loyalty. Can you adapt your product range to offer subscription boxes to your customers? It is also an opportunity to increase repeat purchases as customers get to try a wider product range and can then re-order the products they like most.



 What is a child’s favourite toy at Christmas?

We’ve all either been there or seen children do it.  The toy is cast aside, and the cardboard box is the new favourite plaything!   Children see the box as part of the gift so think carefully when you are designing your packaging as it could be your USP.

It’s also worth knowing that, according to a study from Argos during lockdown, 50% of parents have been reminiscing about their old toys these last few months and 22% are planning to give their children something that conjures memories of their own childhood this Christmas. If you can combine this into your offering then you will be providing something that there is real demand for.

Save your customers a job, wrap their presents for them!

Lots of lovely brands are designing their packaging to be so eye-catching that customers don't want to cover it up. Some creative thinking can result in packaging that becomes part of our product offering and is even something that is kept or used again long after the product has been consumed.  We can help you with your Christmas gift packaging ideas whether your products is food, drink, a luxury treat or something more practical. 

Carefully designed packaging can highlight and add value to your brand and let you speak to your customers. Think about the whole experience – unboxing, storytelling, instructions for use and ways to reuse or recycle the packaging. It’s your opportunity to engage with your customers – get it right and you will have them coming back for more (and being your brand ambassadors as they share their experiences on social media and with friends.)

Don’t think if your products are going to be despatched direct to the recipient that you have to miss out on the print and branding opportunities of a traditional ‘on shelf’ gift pack.  We can assist with striking print concepts to adorn the inside of your packaging for the extra ‘wow’ factor upon opening.

If you need some guidance with your corrugated packaging, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We’d love to learn more about your brand and sprinkle some Christmas magic on your packaging. Contact us for  chat about your individual packaging requirements T: 01939 260342 or sales@dairi-pak.co.uk or check out our guide to commissioning bespoke packaging or the design process to see how to get started.


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