Where do I start with bespoke packaging?


The fast pace that digital technologies are moving has paved the way to market for a far higher number of start up brands and producers than we’ve ever seen before.  The Covid-19 pandemic further accelerated this as brands who were previously selling through face to face outlets (e.g farmers and food markets) needed to pivot their business quickly and move sales online.

We love being involved in helping our customers develop their brand and are pleased when entrepreneurs ask us to be part of their team from day 1.  We are here to help guide you through what can sometimes seem a daunting process if you've not been through it before, we know as a start up, you've got enough to be thinking about!


Tip 1 -

Start thinking about your packaging early on in the product development process.

Having your preferred packaging in mind when you are developing your brand can help ensure that your new brand translates well onto your chosen substrate, at the right cost against your budget and in suitable quantities.


At what stage should I start thinking about my packaging?

You need to talk to us at the point when you have already researched your product and target audience, improved your product until you have the best version, ensured the viability of your product and given some thought to manufacturing and product ordering quantities.

There are many ways of developing a new brand and we like to follow our 5-step process when working with our customers.

The key stages around developing your cardboard packaging (whether that’s inners, outers or shelf ready packs) are:


  1. What’s the Message?

Think about what information you want, and need, to share with your target audience. What do they need to know about your product? What’s your USP (Unique Selling Point)?  How can you connect with your customers?


Tip 2 -

Test drive your design and pack with your customers if possible.  If this is not possible, friends and family can be very good sounding boards!  You know your product inside and out, but are those key messages easily understood by someone who is new to your brand or product?


  1. What’s the Purpose?

Do you need packaging to ship direct to your customers or to send to a retailer/distribution centre? Think about what protection the product will need on its journey from manufacture to customer.

Find out the packaging requirements for the retailer outlets you will target (we can help here as we already work with the major retailers and so can advise on their packaging specifications).

Does it need to add value by making your product giftable?


Tip 3 -

If you are looking to list with Amazon, it is worth considering a dual purpose pack as they move away from using outer boxes towards shipping in the manufacturers packaging. 


  1. Design It

Share all of your thoughts about Message and Purpose (along with the key information about your product) with us and we will interpret it into beautiful packaging that suits your needs.


  1. Sample It

We can produce packaging samples for you to test (don’t forget those vital steps of customer market research and sending test shipments). Listen to the feedback and make changes, if necessary.


Tip 4 -

A great way to make sure your customers will receive your products exactly as you intend is to send the product back to yourself 


  1. Launch It

It’s time to launch your product to the world. Your marketing needs to be on point. Use all available and relevant marketing tools to share your Message with your target audience. Take note of comments, both good and bad, and use the feedback to improve your offering.

Thoroughly considering these pointers will help you avoid the pitfalls identified by Neilsen in their report around innovation failure;

  • Neglecting to address a broad consumer need
  • Failing to provide a good product experience
  • Providing insufficient marketing support

At Dairi-Pak, we are able to manufacture and supply all types of printed cardboard packaging.  That gives us the flexibility to help you bring your new cardboard packaging in on budget, on time and deliver a strong brand message.


Print types available;

  • Our flexographic printing provides low unit costs if margins are tight.
  • Digital print is a great option if you need high quality, full colour print but in low volumes
  • Screen print provides premium print, but again in low volumes.

Of course, we’re able to support on high volume print methods too (standard flexo, litho lam and High Quality Post Print) when your ‘acorn’ grows into a mighty ‘oak tree’ of a business!

A simple print adds very little to the cost of a case but can add tremendous value to your brand.   Have a look at our blog on 'Adding Value by Adding Print' for some examples.

We’d be pleased to assist you in the development of a corrugated packaging solution that helps your brand shine.  Get in touch with one of our friendly and helpful team no matter what stage of the brand creation journey you are at sales@dairi-pak.co.uk (or chat 01939 260342)



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