Cardboard Grades


We convert and supply all conventional grades of corrugated including F, E, I, B, C, EB, and BC fluted boards.

All paper grades are available; White Kraft, White Test, Clay Coated, Kemi-Lite, Kraft, Testliner2 & Test in a huge range of corrugated weights.

We can supply a full range of specialist boards and coatings too, including splashproof, Liqui-guarded, weather resistant (ideal for temporary signage) and anti-static boards.

We are also able to supply ‘next generation’ board grades (slim line fluting) which can help to optimise space and performance. Whatever your requirement, if the board grade exists we can source it through our close partnership network.

We are a partner in CorrBoard UK.  This means we are able to provide you with the benefits of working with an integrated cardboard manufacturer (lab support, wide range of grades etc.), with the flexible and personalised approach that a sheet plant provides.  CorrBoard UK's link with CorrBoard BioEngery also means that our raw material, corrugated sheet board from CorrBoard UK, is now carbon neutral. 

Find out more about the revolutionary partnership between the corrugator plant and energy plant.

If you aren't sure what cardboard weight or corrugated flute profile you need for your individual application, please do note hesitate to get in touch ( and we'll walk you through the packaging audit process to arrive at the optimum packaging solution for your business.  As part of that process, we'll also ensure your packaging is as environmentally responsible as possible considering the use of material (from sustainable sources) and recycled content.  Our cardboard packaging is of course recyclable





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