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What is Digital Print?

Imagine the printer you have sitting on your desk but blown up big enough to fill a room!  Our digital printer works on a similar principal by applying minute drops of ink via 5 printer heads to recreate your design.

How does it work?

We will help you to create your design on a template (or cutter guide) in a format ready for print.  We then send it to the printer and apply it to your packaging! 

Does digital print use CYMK or Pantone colours?

Digital printing uses C.Y.M.K (cyan, magenta yellow and black) to replicate your design.  If you have a specific spot pantone colour to match, our design team adapt the artwork to ensure close replication of your brand colours, taking into account the type of corrugated material we will be using (e.g. brown kraft, white kraft etc.).

When should I choose digital printing?

Due to the ‘on demand’ nature of digital printing, it is ideal when you require quick turnarounds on your printed packaging.

It also allows us to offer as few as 1 print!  If you would like to realise your new SRP, RRP, E-commerce mailer or gift box before you push the button on a larger print run, digital print is perfect for a printed mock up. 

It also creates the possibility to apply variable data to your cardboard packaging.  This could be in the form of different flavour variants for example on a new SRP (shelf ready pack).  It could allow you to change your design with no origination charges for each new print run, perfect if your business caters for seasonal events or occasions.  We can even go as far as personalising with individual customers names!

This flexibility helps you create the maximum impact with your designs and therefore helps to maximise your profitability.

Is digital print environmentally friendly?

The inks we use are water based.  If you are an end consumer of the cardboard packaging, we can show the FSC® chain of custody details on your packs to demonstrate your responsible sourcing of sustainable packaging.

If you are an FSC® certified reseller, we can maintain the chain of custody for you to allow you print your FSC® certificate on the packaging.

When should I choose digital print for my packaging?

If you need high quality but low volume printed packaging, then digital is a great option. 

If you are looking at higher volumes (1500>) on a high-quality design, litho graphic printing might be the most economical option.

However, if unit cost is the biggest consideration and your design suits, flexo graphic print provides a great value solution.

If you still aren’t sure which of the print methods we offer might suit your specific requirements, get in touch with one of our friendly team and they can guide you.  Before we speak, consider the following areas:

  • How many do you need?
  • How quickly do you need your packaging?
  • How important is achieving the ultimate print quality?
  • Is there a variable element required to the print run?


If this is your first time commissioning your own packaging, our handy guide to the different stages might assist.

We look forward to speaking to you! E: T: 01939 260342


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