Printed Cardboard Boxes

We have the machine capability to supply very close register, high impact, cleanly printed graphics on your corrugated packaging. All print processes can be supplied – flexographic, lithographic, pre-print, high quality post print, screen print and digital print.

The flexo printing on our case makers is exceptional, with many companies choosing to use Dairi-Pak because of the results we consistently achieve. All our flexo inks are derived from natural, sustainable materials and are water based. They are mixed on site in our computerised Ink Kitchen.  Inks can be manufactured and ready for production within 5 minutes!

Our on site colour matching service means that your packaging will consistently reflect the colours of your brand, guaranteeing a perfect colour match every time. We achieve this by providing a colour swatch for your approval before going to production for the first time. 

This will show you what your Pantone colours will look like when printed onto the substrate in question.  We then use our spectrophotometer to match your printed cardboard packaging against the colour swatch on each production run to ensure it matches the colour you approved.



If you'd like to see some examples of our quality print on corrugated cardboard products, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we can pop some samples in the post for you. 

Our team will be pleased to help you maximise the impact of your brand; get in touch to chat through your ideas 

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