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You want the best Customer Service in the Corrugated Packaging Industry? Look no further! We pride ourselves on being the most helpful, honest, effective and friendly cardboard packaging partners you could engage. This ethos comes right from the top - our MD, who is Chairman of the UK Sheet Plant Association, and is working hard to raise standards in the Sheet Plant Sector, promoting best practice in all areas of business. Dairi-Pak was the first Sheet Plant in the UK to receive the highly coveted Five Star Accreditation issued by the Sheet Plant Association for the very highest standards of Customer Service amongst other things.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our great team of dedicated Account Managers work tirelessly for all their customers. Our philosophy is great business starts with great people, which leads to better relationships. We allocate a specific Accounts Manager to each customer, so you will always deal with the same person. This way:

  • We offer you the best possible service we can.

  • You always have friendly face who understands your business as you get to know our customer service team and designers too.

  • Our staff build a closer relationship with you and your business.

  • You get treated as an individual… and not just as a ‘business’.

Value Engineering

All products we manufacture are designed to ensure they offer the best performance at the lowest cost. Our design team will work with you to fully understand the performance, visual impact and cost requirements that you expect from your corrugated packs. We will then design and present multiple options to stimulate debate and refine our designs to the approved solution.

What benefits should you expect?

  • We analyse the way your products are packed, shipped, displayed and opened to verify whether an alternative corrugated board grade could give a better performance and/or cost.

  • Our design team can investigate the nature/size/structure of your products to see if we can design a cardboard box that will increase the number of products you can get on a pallet, thus reducing your delivery costs.

  • We investigate how products are packaged inside your boxes to discover whether your boxes can be reduced in size to save materials costs and ultimately transport.

  • Closure mechanisms can also be redesigned to reduce time it takes to fill and close boxes. Often a simple redesign of closures/fastenings can result in reducing handling times and optimisation of material use – again lowering costs.

  • Designs can also be tweaked to increase the speed at which you can pack – saving time and labour.

Need a totally new pack?

If you'd like to find out more about how our team will guide you through the process of designing your bespoke packaging, have a look at our guide to commissioning bespoke packaging. 

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