Can Cardboard Packaging Be Recycled?


Just how recyclable is Cardboard Packaging?  Well, VERY!  In fact, cardboard packaging is one of the easiest products to be recycled.

What’s also good to hear is that in the UK we are already pretty good at recycling cardboard.  80% of the cardboard used in the UK is recycled.  This high recycling rate is against a target of 60% set by the European Union.  It is great to know that cardboard already meets and exceeds this target!

In its simplest terms, here is how cardboard gets recycled:

  1. The paper and cardboard waste is collected and separated into types and grades.
  2. Water is added and the mix is filtered to remove impurities and contaminants (like ink, plastic and glue). Different materials are then added so that different paper products can be created. 
  3. The clean pulp is then pressed into shape and fed into a paper making machine, which removes the water and enables the pulp material to be dried into incredibly long sheets.
  4. The dry sheets are fed onto a huge spool.
  5. New cardboard can then be created from these spools. These spools can weigh ½ tonne for a full reel of paper (which is 2.5m tall when on its end and about 1 metre in diameter).
The_Process_of _Recycling_Cardbaord_Dairi_Pak

Cardboard boxes can be recycled many times, sometimes a dozen times or more. Recycling cardboard packaging is even better for the environment than making cardboard from forested materials; less virgin trees are required and considerably less water is used in the process. When the cardboard gets to the point that it can no longer be recycled it can then be composted. Through the use and reuse of cardboard packaging, we can reduce the impact on our environment and sustain the use of Earth friendly packaging.

We source sheet board from CorrBoard UK, who manufacture carbon neutral corrugated sheet board using energy from the adjoining bio energy plant, CorrBoard Bio-Engery (CB Bio). This source is fully sustainable and fully traceable.

Our sheet board raw material is also FSC® certified, which means that we support the promotion of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.  Our commitment to this certification means that you are helping to ensure that our forests are alive for future generations.

Cardboard is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for your packaging.

Your customers, and the planet, will thank you for your choice.

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